Linear Turntable BG-XX01

Linear Turntable BG-XX01

The heart of this model is the tonearm. The arm is made from acryl and has all the necessary range of adjustment possibilities. This allows you to use the majority of cartridges available on the market. The construction of the arm entails two balanced high-precision ball bearings. The special design minimizes the work that the guide bearings have to do, hence increasing the moving smoothness of the trolley. Thanks to the special components we use, the arm mechanism does not create any noise and rather positively affects the quality of reading the vinyl grooves. The turntable drive uses a high-quality synchronous motor. The torque is transmitted via a silicon belt to a sub-platter on which the actual acrylic platter with six hanging weights is mounted. The turntable is standing on four acrylic feet with height adjustment which allows precise leveling. The contact of the turntable with the surface is minimized by the use of four metal balls.

The set includes:
Turntable with equipment
User manual
Transport box


One advantage of this model is its simple design. All moving parts are visible and easily accessible.

This arm is based on two high-quality bearings. These bearings work with a highly polished, tube-shaped guide. The bearings follow the deepest inner edge of the acrylic tube all the time. Also, the entire trolley is effectively shielded against dust in the guide. The arm has a tilting system for easier handling and changing the disc. Due to the wide range of calibration options, the arm can support most MM /MC cartridges available on the market.


A very quiet DC motor (12V) is used to drive the platter. The motor, which is located under the acrylic platter, transmits the torque using a thin silicon belt.

The platter bearing consists of a sleeve made of bronze and a high-gloss polished axis. The whole platter is resting on two balls immersed in an oil bath. The bearing is made with such a high precision that an oil film is created between the two friction elements, further reducing friction and bearing noise.

The turntable can play discs recorded at 33 and 45 RPM. The control panel located on the side of the turntable changes speeds and fine-adjusts the rotation speed of the disc. An additional advantage is that the turntable motor can be powered from the battery, which further reduces the noise level of the whole system. As a standard, a high-quality power supply is supplied with the turntable.

TonearmPre-audio BG-XX01
Optional counterweightfor cartridges 4 – 12g
Pressure of cartridge5 – 30mN
Drivebelt under the platter
Gilt RCA , GNDgold plated
Speed range33,33 / 45,11 r.p.m.
Speed deviation+/- 0,5%
Speed flutter+/- 0,1%
Signal to noise ratio-60dB
Change of speedswitch
Length of the active tonearm60mm
Mass of the arm25g
Tracking error0
Height adjustment(VTA)+ / – 10mm
Arm height adjustment range+/- 5
Turntable platter height adjustment+/- 8mm
Platter weight/ diameter / height2kg / 305 / 40
Dimensions (mm)350 x 450 x 170
Weight with granith plinth20kg
Weight with wood plinth12kg
Power110-240V / 50-60Hz
Power consumption4W

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