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Our passion is to provide the best possible experience while listening to music on the classic audio equipment. We create turntables tailored to customer needs.

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Linear record players / Tangential turntables

We have in offer classic record players but since the begining we are specializes in linear record playes with air bearing tonearms.

Three most popular series of truntables are models with aribearing tonearm:

  • DE-18 – Simple model with air bearing, the trolley with tonearm is separated from the guide with an air cushion. Air comes out of the guide from the holes at the top.
  • ASP-15 – Model with swivel arm that gives comfort when we need to change the record. Air goes directly to the trolley with a flexible silicone hose
  • GL11 – The highest models. The guide is supported in two places, which gives maximum rigidity.

Often we have questions: “I like my record player but I would like to change the arm, I see your construction works much better, can I buy only the arm”

Yes it is possibe, we just have to know that the price of the arm is about 70% of the record player and often we have to make special base to fit on a different construction (usually for free). It is possible to buy arms from series BG-00, DE-18 and ASP-15 all models can be found here: http://pre-audio.com/products/arms/