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We create a team of acousticians, we love what we do and we do what we love. The results are unique projects for our clients and finally device close to perfection.

Examples of models can be seen in the section products.

Our experience and projects allow us to create sets with the highest quality.

Since its inception we were supporters and faithful defenders of natural full-sound, top quality equipment, which can produce the sound.

Offered equipment puts us in first place in front of the musical stage, where you can relax and enjoy the excellent sound.

Services include:
– Analysis off needs
– Creation of optimal and unique solution
– The process of implementation and full care during the entire duration of cooperation


The tangencial arm moves linearly to keep the cardrige in a tangencial direction to the groove. The heads that are cutting the vynil record are also moving linearly, so the groove, that is the result of that cutting, is always perpendicular to the radius of the disc. Classic turntables have arms built on a rotating bearing. When the arm moves/rotates, it changes the relative position of the cardrige, according to the vynil disc. More important is the change in the angle between the direction of the cardrige and the direction of the groove. This way the needle that reads the written sound is set in the groove at a different angle than the stylus that was cutting the vinyl.

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