Linear tracking tonearm with airbearing ASP-15

Linear tracking tonearm with airbearing ASP-15

Linear tracking tonearm, power supply, compressor.


A very low air pressure (0.030MPa) is needed for this turntable to work properly. The pressure is easily produced by a silent compressor that is in one housing with a power supply, which is an inseparable part of the arm.

The way the arm is operated on the air cushion is quite simple. Thanks to the pressure from the compressor, the arm bearing can detach and levitate in the air alongside the guide. The pressure to the bearing is provided by a thin silicone hose.

The precise execution of the arm components allows for the use of a very low air pressure which reduces the compressor’s noise to zero.

The arm has a tilting system for easier handling and changing the disc. Due to the wide range of calibration options, the arm can support most MM /MC cartridges available on the market.


Material of main construction Aluminum
Pressure 0,030MPa
Power Consumption 8W

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